Sunday, July 25, 2010

A little something done...

Several months ago I found a tutorial on this blog on how to turn a girls skirt into a toddler dress. A couple of days later I found a perfect skirt on the $1 rack at a thrift store. After I get home I discover it looks perfect because IT'S THE IDENTICAL SKIRT! I did the straps differently and added a little cream eyelet. I'm going to pick up some wide cream ruffle the next time we go to "town" (that would be the city) and use narrow elastic to make the pickups. StinkerBella tore the hand sewn ones right out.

I also finally loaded by 30's Broken Star top on the frame. It will be going in my bedroom full of antique furniture. I love my old furniture but the x destroyed the finish on the top of the dresser. It broke my heart, I don't want to refinish because I'd loose the beautiful stenciling. But with the "30's" theme I seem to be heading towards, a solution presented itself.

On my last trip home my mom gave one of two dresser scarves made by my great-grandmother. It fits perfectly!

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