Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's Resolution - Part 15?

Every year for as long as I can remember I've resolved to lose weight. Like millions and millions of other people. And like millions of others, I typically don't. For the last couple years I was down every year, but this one I've put back on a few. I'm quite a bit lighter than I was a 3-4 years ago but 15 pounds more is still 15 pounds. It's been a really rough year. So I'm back to the weight loss books. I'm trying "Let's Do Lunch" by Roger Wilson. I've got mixed feeling on it. First, the author is not a doctor or nutritionist or any other heath professional. There is absolutely no science behind his program. However, this program did work for this regular guy. The big parts of the program are to eat your main protein meal at lunch, stay away from processed foods (i.e. white stuff), and eat nothing but fruit for diner.He does tell you to eat till you are satisfied. He claims it's the foods impact on your body that gets the weight off, but when you compare what he ate before - it's still a ton less calories!!!! I do like the just eat fruit for dinner, no calorie counting or measuring or weighing but just fruit is tough when you have 3 kids eating DINNER and your having.... grapes. I do now have black beans and mango salsa for lunch, YUM-mee and low cal. We all love the Turkey Taco Soup recipe, when I did the math it's 175 calories for a cup and delicious. The book is worth just the recipes.

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