Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So I've made 6 adorable Tutu's, 5 fun T-shirt/Onesie dresses, and 1 cute Bandana dress. All done and hanging for sale at the local Trader's Mall. The Bandana dress has even already sold so I need to get cracking and make a few more of that one! But did I remember to take pictures? Nooooo, of course not! I did however, use a couple old bandanas that belonged to my grandfather and used to be hung as the valance in Mini-man's room when he was small and made Stinkerbella a top. They are old and a smaller size, so too small for a dress. Now I did try to take a picture of this one, but every time I get the camera out this happens:

Then this:And finally this:"Peese, Mama, Peese!" No sweetie, you still can't have the camera. Now get over there and be cute so I can take your picture!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Game Plan

So now that I have a little unplanned time on my hands, I've decided to make myself useful. I'm going to go cruise the local thrift & consignment stores in town for baby/toddler T shirts and make some dresses to sell in the local Trader's Mall. I'm also thinking of making some Tutu's too. Maybe I'll do Esty. Will get to work and post some pictures!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Lotsa Updates!

Once again - long time no blog! This time I have gotten several things done though.

I made this dress for Stinkerbella:
(I'd post a better pic but she likes to run towards the camera!)

I quilted this top my MIL made for stepdaughter #3:

I quilted loops in the "rails" and echo quilted the print. Not too shabby :)

I made this one for my cousin's new baby:

See that orange frame in the blocks? That's 3/4" cut. What possessed me to put 1/4" sashing on a baby quilt? Well, mama will appreciate it - she's a budding quilter.

I also quilted a baby quilt for MIL. I know I did a few other things too but I forget!

Life's been busy too - kids growing like weeds, got let go from my job (I thought taxes should be deducted from my pay, my boss disagreed), adopted a shelter dog.

This would be Nala, our Great Dane/Hound/? mix. (Translation: BIG) She's too thin but getting better and an absolute sweetheart. She's housebroken and all the kids adore her. And she clearly adores the kids. Her personality seems to be all Dane. The housebroken part is real high on the list of pluses for me :)

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