Thursday, February 19, 2009

Useful Things

Quilter's don't often get to make useful things. Yes, a thing of beauty is useful in it's own right but practical, use-it-and-abuse-it things seldom seem to enter our scope. It's just too hard too see something you've poured yourself into worn out or abused. One of the projects I made this fall (and forgot about) is definitely one of those useful things. A wish-I'd-made-it-sooner kind of thing. When Stinkerbella was a month old I made a baby sling. Best baby thing ever, wish I'd had it when she was born. Little ones want held constantly, and unless you have a domestic god for a spouse and no other children, you still have things you have to get done with or without baby. I had five other children to take care of - usually with one hand and no more than an hour or so sleep at a time. These things are $40+ on the internet, some $100+! I made mine for less than $15. It was soo simple. I did have to experiment with a couple different shoulder seams to find the most comfortable one but I found excellent directions here. I could only find one source for the rings (you really don't want to take chances with these) but they were very affordable - I'd recommend buying 2 sets (and making two slings!) for when one sling is in the wash. I'm still using it, although not daily any more, and can see where I'll use it for another year or two. Keep in mind the girl is 17+ pounds now and I'm still comfortable.

This is a hip carry, good for older babies (she's fully supported by the sling - the arm around her is habit & extra protection, her current favorite position)

the Semi-Reclined Cradle Carry - good for even tiny babies (Stinkerbella has never liked to lie down - she has to see what's going on. She's really too big for this now but it was perfect at 2 months.)

Front Facing/Forward Carry - good when they have good head/neck control (she's getting too big for this one too)

the Vertical Carry - good for all ages, feet/legs in when tiny, out when bigger.

On a personal note - if you care how you look or how your clothes hang, think about what you're wearing before you go out and use your sling in public. Putting the sling on and pulling on the tail can pull your top around and baby will pull on your neck line and give everyone a show. And thick sweaters are horribly unflattering ( I do have a waistline - sort of).

Friday, February 13, 2009

Ups and Downs

On the up: Stinkerbella is officially crawling! The best motivation is always the things they shouldn't have: Legos, small bouncy balls, ear protection.....

The house just got a whole lot smaller.

On the down: Hubby (or Mega Man) was supposed to be home Sunday. Given that he's been home once since starting this job in November, this was a huge deal. It turns out they have either forgotten to let him go or they want to keep him longer. His boss isn't sure. So we are all pretty bummed. Yes it's good he has a job but I was really looking forward to having him home - even if it was just a few days.

And just because, here are a few of my favorite quilts:

Ok, I have other quilts I like too and/or better, but I've taken pictures of these.

Back to chasing the baby and trying to cheer up the boys :(

Monday, February 9, 2009

There's Something with Kids of Quilters

Those kids of quilters. You know the ones who choose to go to quilt shows with mom and nominate themselves official trip photographer. The ones who go to kindergarten knowing the 3 B's before the 3 R's - Borders, Blocks, & Binding. The ones who want to grow up and run a long arm and write quilt patterns. Yes I have those kind of kids.

But they are becoming more "normal". We spent Sunday afternoon checking out the museums in downtown Little Rock. The Discovery Museum was cool. The kids got to pet a live alligator, broadcast themselves on TV, and build wind powered sail cars. It was geared to younger/older kids though - the 4-8 crowd. We also went to the Arkansas Historic Museum. They have an entire block of mid to early 1800's houses that managed by pure luck to all remain standing and are even still in their original locations! Of course Mini Man's favorite exhibit was the sword collection, #2's favorite the knife collection. We will of course have to go back next month because Mini Man missed the knives - he was too busy ogling the swords. They do have a quilt collection but it is not on display :(

The nicknames - in the name of cyber safety I won't be using my kids real names. It is a public blog and I'd have a fit if either of the boys ever gave out their names online - no less should be expected of me. Mini Man and Stinkerbella were easy. That other one is not. So he is temporarily #2 - until we can think of something more fitting.

Now back to the sewing machine! I have the runner for the beginning quilting class I teach almost finished and need to start the applique samples. And that means playing with my stash! So til next time - Happy Quilting!

Friday, February 6, 2009

You have to start somewhere.....

Yaah me! I got something done. Not lots (yet) but you have to start somewhere. So off the UFO list are the Hanging Sleeves and Sewing Baby Ball Holes. In my defense the quilts waiting for sleeves where hanging on the long arm frame so that's clear now to load. And Stinkerbella was starting to pull the stuffing out of the balls. Good for baby's pincher grasp, bad for eating and Swifering. So here are the balls - with their owner.

And here's another project I finished in the fall I forgot about.

It's a Minkee blanket animal. I bought the fabric and pattern at Quilter's Haven in Rockford, IL a couple of years ago. On a shop hop I think.

Ok, enough play time - back to work!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


It's been a rough couple of weeks. But today I was motivated. I cleaned the kitchen, gave StinkerBella a long splashy bath, finished organizing the spare room, and cataloged my UFO's & USO's. I even found a few things I thought my vindictive ex husband tossed. Not everything, but enough to get my long arm up and running with the addition of 1 yard of velcro.

Oh all the USO's! So many beautiful fabrics and wonderful projects! And I love some of those UFO's! Not all of them. Some are UFO's for a reason.

I work so much better in a clean, organized space. So tomorrow morning I'll sew while StinkerBella naps. Work on aclamating to a new quilting space while the light is good in that room. Maybe I'll work on something I'm supposed too - or maybe an old favorite!

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