Monday, July 26, 2010

Book Review!

As a warning, this is one of the rare posts you will ever see from me referencing religion in any way. If it will offend you, stop reading now.

I just finished reading "Cast of Characters" by Max Lucado. Yep, the Max Lucado of children's books. His touching children's books motivated me to try this one as I usually don't read religious/Christian books. The book is a series of chapters each focusing on a sometimes non-monumental character from the Bible. Like Joseph (both of the big ones), the Samaritan woman, David, Lazarus, Ester, and others. The author takes each story and shows how it matters and how it relates to our lives today. I grew up hearing all the stories but have never heard them related to modern life or related so clearly. And with such abundant faith! I think my favorites were Joseph (Jesus' earthly father) and the Paralyzed Man. A lot is written about Mary but Joseph and his impact are generally glossed over. I've always heard the story of the Paralyzed Man from the New Testament as just an example of one of Jesus' miracles. The book dives into it as an example of faith itself and puts it in an entirely new light. Regardless of what branch of Christianity or other religion you practice, this book is well worth reading for it's new perspective. I would actually read this book again at some point.

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