Monday, July 26, 2010

Book Review!

As a warning, this is one of the rare posts you will ever see from me referencing religion in any way. If it will offend you, stop reading now.

I just finished reading "Cast of Characters" by Max Lucado. Yep, the Max Lucado of children's books. His touching children's books motivated me to try this one as I usually don't read religious/Christian books. The book is a series of chapters each focusing on a sometimes non-monumental character from the Bible. Like Joseph (both of the big ones), the Samaritan woman, David, Lazarus, Ester, and others. The author takes each story and shows how it matters and how it relates to our lives today. I grew up hearing all the stories but have never heard them related to modern life or related so clearly. And with such abundant faith! I think my favorites were Joseph (Jesus' earthly father) and the Paralyzed Man. A lot is written about Mary but Joseph and his impact are generally glossed over. I've always heard the story of the Paralyzed Man from the New Testament as just an example of one of Jesus' miracles. The book dives into it as an example of faith itself and puts it in an entirely new light. Regardless of what branch of Christianity or other religion you practice, this book is well worth reading for it's new perspective. I would actually read this book again at some point.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A little something done...

Several months ago I found a tutorial on this blog on how to turn a girls skirt into a toddler dress. A couple of days later I found a perfect skirt on the $1 rack at a thrift store. After I get home I discover it looks perfect because IT'S THE IDENTICAL SKIRT! I did the straps differently and added a little cream eyelet. I'm going to pick up some wide cream ruffle the next time we go to "town" (that would be the city) and use narrow elastic to make the pickups. StinkerBella tore the hand sewn ones right out.

I also finally loaded by 30's Broken Star top on the frame. It will be going in my bedroom full of antique furniture. I love my old furniture but the x destroyed the finish on the top of the dresser. It broke my heart, I don't want to refinish because I'd loose the beautiful stenciling. But with the "30's" theme I seem to be heading towards, a solution presented itself.

On my last trip home my mom gave one of two dresser scarves made by my great-grandmother. It fits perfectly!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Run, Run, Run......

...... as fast as you can, but you can't catch me I'm... a working mom? Have been sooo busy I can barely think straight! I've been working an 8 week temp job at a local distillery, but have been transferred to a different department indefinitely. Darn these hiring freezes!

On to crafty stuff - those bandana dresses? All have sold but a blue one and a red one. The wild ones are definitely more popular :) It also helps a downtown boutique had a zebra print dress in the window just like the one I made. I'm positive mine are much more affordable. Dropping 7 more off first thing in the morning.The tutu's have not sold but someone played with and wore two of them for a few weeks before they put them back without the hangers, grrrrr.

The advanced applique class I've been teaching at the local library has went very well. The ladies have decided to form a quilting group. So if you are in the area of Nelson County Kentucky, the Mad Stashers (cute, huh?) will be meeting the 2nd and 4th Thursdays from 6-9pm starting August 12th at the Nelson County Public Library. Tell your friends!

I'm "planning" on loading a Broken Star top I made a few years ago on the frame this weekend. I've got it figured out how I'm quilting it and have finally decided I'm not going to ruin it with my quilting! I love this top and can't wait to sleep under it.

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