Friday, February 13, 2009

Ups and Downs

On the up: Stinkerbella is officially crawling! The best motivation is always the things they shouldn't have: Legos, small bouncy balls, ear protection.....

The house just got a whole lot smaller.

On the down: Hubby (or Mega Man) was supposed to be home Sunday. Given that he's been home once since starting this job in November, this was a huge deal. It turns out they have either forgotten to let him go or they want to keep him longer. His boss isn't sure. So we are all pretty bummed. Yes it's good he has a job but I was really looking forward to having him home - even if it was just a few days.

And just because, here are a few of my favorite quilts:

Ok, I have other quilts I like too and/or better, but I've taken pictures of these.

Back to chasing the baby and trying to cheer up the boys :(

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