Monday, February 9, 2009

There's Something with Kids of Quilters

Those kids of quilters. You know the ones who choose to go to quilt shows with mom and nominate themselves official trip photographer. The ones who go to kindergarten knowing the 3 B's before the 3 R's - Borders, Blocks, & Binding. The ones who want to grow up and run a long arm and write quilt patterns. Yes I have those kind of kids.

But they are becoming more "normal". We spent Sunday afternoon checking out the museums in downtown Little Rock. The Discovery Museum was cool. The kids got to pet a live alligator, broadcast themselves on TV, and build wind powered sail cars. It was geared to younger/older kids though - the 4-8 crowd. We also went to the Arkansas Historic Museum. They have an entire block of mid to early 1800's houses that managed by pure luck to all remain standing and are even still in their original locations! Of course Mini Man's favorite exhibit was the sword collection, #2's favorite the knife collection. We will of course have to go back next month because Mini Man missed the knives - he was too busy ogling the swords. They do have a quilt collection but it is not on display :(

The nicknames - in the name of cyber safety I won't be using my kids real names. It is a public blog and I'd have a fit if either of the boys ever gave out their names online - no less should be expected of me. Mini Man and Stinkerbella were easy. That other one is not. So he is temporarily #2 - until we can think of something more fitting.

Now back to the sewing machine! I have the runner for the beginning quilting class I teach almost finished and need to start the applique samples. And that means playing with my stash! So til next time - Happy Quilting!


  1. Very cute picture!! I especially like the quilt Stinkerbella is wrapped in... ;-) The boys are looking so grown up! I hope you all plan to visit soon...

  2. I don't know. I miss IL and I'd like to be able to go on a trip that doesn't involve a disaster or emergency. It does look pretty certain we will be buying a house and moving to KY in June. That means only 6-7 hours to IL and 3 day weekends!

  3. Little Rock is an interesting place - I love the Historic Museum and use to volunteer in the gift shop - I sell some of my quilts there. I did not know the quilt display is not in the museum right now :( how sad.

  4. always a good idea to have nick names and mine love there nicknames I have for them on the blog.......


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