Thursday, February 19, 2009

Useful Things

Quilter's don't often get to make useful things. Yes, a thing of beauty is useful in it's own right but practical, use-it-and-abuse-it things seldom seem to enter our scope. It's just too hard too see something you've poured yourself into worn out or abused. One of the projects I made this fall (and forgot about) is definitely one of those useful things. A wish-I'd-made-it-sooner kind of thing. When Stinkerbella was a month old I made a baby sling. Best baby thing ever, wish I'd had it when she was born. Little ones want held constantly, and unless you have a domestic god for a spouse and no other children, you still have things you have to get done with or without baby. I had five other children to take care of - usually with one hand and no more than an hour or so sleep at a time. These things are $40+ on the internet, some $100+! I made mine for less than $15. It was soo simple. I did have to experiment with a couple different shoulder seams to find the most comfortable one but I found excellent directions here. I could only find one source for the rings (you really don't want to take chances with these) but they were very affordable - I'd recommend buying 2 sets (and making two slings!) for when one sling is in the wash. I'm still using it, although not daily any more, and can see where I'll use it for another year or two. Keep in mind the girl is 17+ pounds now and I'm still comfortable.

This is a hip carry, good for older babies (she's fully supported by the sling - the arm around her is habit & extra protection, her current favorite position)

the Semi-Reclined Cradle Carry - good for even tiny babies (Stinkerbella has never liked to lie down - she has to see what's going on. She's really too big for this now but it was perfect at 2 months.)

Front Facing/Forward Carry - good when they have good head/neck control (she's getting too big for this one too)

the Vertical Carry - good for all ages, feet/legs in when tiny, out when bigger.

On a personal note - if you care how you look or how your clothes hang, think about what you're wearing before you go out and use your sling in public. Putting the sling on and pulling on the tail can pull your top around and baby will pull on your neck line and give everyone a show. And thick sweaters are horribly unflattering ( I do have a waistline - sort of).

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