Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Branching Out

First of all - isn't the new blog template great? Many, many thanks to Template-Mama and her wonderful blog and fantastic directions.

What is this you say? A scarf?! Mittens?! These are not quilted! Well after trying to work on UFO's, QuiltMom craved new learning. New quilt supplies were not in the budget and toddler demands mean larger chunks of time in the basement are just not possible. I did however have a stash of 30 year old yarn and an 11 year old who wanted to learn to crochet. With internet directions in hand, #2 learned to crochet. He's making this scarf for his grandma's birthday. Ssshh, don't tell.

Well crocheting didn't appeal really but knitting, now that sounded challenging. And I hate not knowing how to do something. It's a sickness, I know. So, in just under 3 weeks I've taught myself how to knit and made 1 scarf, 1.9 mittens (ran out of yarn & local store is out), and 1/2 a sock. Plans are in the works for a sweater for StinkerBella. Cables, I think. I'd like to try those. Is quilting gone? HECK NO! But I can knit in the living room and play with the girl. I can make useful things and be cost effective. It definitely has it's place. Who'd want to miss things like this?

FYI - that bag my girl has was my first applique project 11 years ago. Drew it myself. Didn't even know fusible web existed - I held the pieces down with pins!

Note: Some quilting has been accomplished too, just nothing finished yet. Slow but steady.

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