Friday, January 16, 2009


Yesterday's high temp at my house was 25 degrees. No big deal right? Not too cold for a northern Illinois girl. Not even cold enough to require pre-heating the car. Now things here are apparently different because Mini-man said half of his classes were empty! Kids didn't come to school because it was too cold!? I realize the "halls" of the junior high are outside but they do sell hats, coats, and gloves here. Gees people, be a man about it!

Ok, so I haven't done any sewing still but I did EQ. That counts right? Gets the creative juices going, right? Here's a pattern I think I'm going to write up and teach. I can't come up with a name though (so much for the creative juices). Any ideas?


  1. It looks like ice... being melted by the sun (at least with those colors). Maybe you could call it January Thaw? Can you tell I am wishfully thinking here? It's still -12 here... it was -31 this morning! {hugs}- Jennie

  2. RE: bamboo batting- yes, it does shrink more than Dream Cotton, that's why I pre-shrink it before I use it. Once the whole soaking and drying process is done it doesn't shrink anymore!


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