Thursday, July 30, 2009

Progress...... or Tales of a Free Couch ;)

So a solution has appeared for my rut - a free couch my husband got on Craigs List. Huh you say? Eeeew? No really, it's a couch from heaven. So it's very 1980's but it's clean and comfortable - an excellent basement couch. How did this help my sewing? I spent Sunday organizing and straightening the basement in preperation for it which also meant getting out and putting away quilting things. I've sewn everyday since. Stinkerbella's quilt is done. Yeah! To paraphrase a friend - Wow! She's only a year old!

I've also finished the bag portion of a Rumbleford Bag I started for my niece when she was born. She goes to kindergarten in a couple weeks. Yikes!

All I have to do is get some gromments and it's off the list! That will probably be a trip to the hardware store tomorrow. Can't go without Hubby - he loves the hardware store and today is going to be crazy busy. Two school open houses & football practice on top of the usual daily mountains of laundry and dishes. Back to work!

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