Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just one more, honey.......please?

Why do the little one's only nap for an hour when you're motivated to get stuff done? And how did I do it when #2 was a baby? Now that she's mobile (and standing!), Stinkerbella has graduated to the into-everything-stage which should last the next 13+ years. This does mean I can't sew with her in the sling or on my lap - she's way too interested in the sewing machine. But hey, maybe she'll be a quilter someday.

The progress for this week - the last two days I've been working on the double wedding ring. All of the arcs are stitched down and half of the corners have been sewn on. If the stinker takes another short nap I'll finish the top today, if not I'll have to finish next weekend. Now back to work!

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